See Citation Needed Live in NYC

Saturday, October 12, 2019 – The People’s Improv Theater

7:00PM & 9:30PM

Experience Citation Needed {the podcast} LIVE in New York City!

We’ll be doing not one but TWO different shows at 7:00PM and 9:30PM (each covering 2 unique topics – yes, that’s 4 entirely different episodes) filled with thrills, chills, and Cecil’s inability to edit what enters your ears.

Wanna show the love? Guarantee yourself seats in the first few rows, as well as VIP admission to an exclusive meet and greet with the cast with our VIP ticket.

Wanna live the life? Try our platinum package, which includes a VIP ticket (and all the perks) to BOTH shows plus a secret Platinum only evening with the guys that includes dinner and drinks at one of the gang’s favorite venues, a swag bag, as well as access to a live never-to-be-recorded JonBenét Ramsey episode for YOU and ONLY YOU.

Tickets start at $45.