Sport includes all forms of competitive physical activity or games which,[1] through casual or organized participation, at least in part aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills while providing enjoyment to participants, and in some cases, entertainment for spectators.[2] Sports can bring positive results to one’s physical health. Hundreds of sports exist, from those between single contestants, through to those with hundreds of simultaneous participants, either in teams or competing as individuals. In certain sports such as racing, many contestants may compete, simultaneously or consecutively, with one winner; in others, the contest (a match) is between two sides, each attempting to exceed the other. Some sports allow a “tie” or “draw”, in which there is no single winner; others provide tie-breaking methods to ensure one winner and one loser. A number of contests may be arranged in a tournament producing a champion. Many sports leagues make an annual champion by arranging games in a regular sports season, followed in some cases by playoffs.

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  1. Spring break at the Jersey shore? Tom, the water temperature in Asbury Park right now is 48 degrees. The Jersey shore is a series of ghost towns in April. And those assholes were all from Long Island anyway.

  2. FYI – The “Wake” part of the “Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake” comes from the fact that they dedicate the game each year to someone who has recently passed away. See for example:

    Also, the replacement of the cheese wheel in 2013 wasn’t due to fears that the cheese might hurt someone, but rather that the company supplying the wheel might be considered liable for injuries at the event if they supplied the cheese wheels. They returned to using cheese again the next year. See:

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