The Etruscan civilization (/ɪˈtrʌskən/) was a civilization of ancient Italy in the area corresponding roughly to Tuscany, western Umbria, northern Lazio,[1][2] with offshoots also to the north in the Po Valley, in the current Emilia-Romagna, south-eastern Lombardy and southern Veneto, and to the south, in some areas of Campania.[3]

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  1. I love how you spend a year setting up an April Fools’ joke, getting us excited for a potential episode and never doing it. Except I don’t love that; text can’t convey sarcasm as easily as the spoken word, and neither can it properly voice our frustration. We’ve gone from blue balls to black balls to green balls not getting the Etruscans OR JonBenet Ramsey episodes, and yet another episode about how we’re never going to get that episode. I know nothing fans say can possibly change your content, I’m just writing this to say we get it, you’re douchebags. You don’t need to spend an entire year at a time reminding us with lame bait-and-switch.

  2. When I saw an episode listed for The Etruscans I was like, “Sweet, finally!” About 4:50 in and I realized, “You’re never getting to the Etruscan’s, are you?” So, if you expected us to ‘get it’ in the first five minutes, I guess it worked. When MarkiMark was commenting on the Etruscan’s I didn’t know if he was telling the truth or not, but it gave me some home that each of the bits would dole out bits of info, but again, I was disappointed. Had fun, but was actually looking forward to the topic.

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