The Free Town Project was a project that sought to move to a very small town and advocate for legal changes there. Two towns were involved: Grafton, New Hampshire and Mentone, Texas. It was active in Grafton from 2004 to sometime in 2016.[58] Grafton’s appeal as a favorable destination was due to its absence of zoning laws and a very low property tax rate.[59] Additionally, John Babiarz lived there already, and had an unsuccessful run for Governor of New Hampshire under the Libertarian Party.[60]

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  1. Holly Hell, the people in god damn Centralia have a fire department and they live voluntarily on top of a hell hole, how much more stupid could this people be?

  2. Absolutely fabulous episode fellahs. Heath yoi had me laughing my arse off. well done sir! Hilarious stuff and really truly believable to us here in orstraya though we do have a decent number of our own RWNJ’s that could come a close second.
    I need to point out that right wing libertarianism and Anarchism are NOT the same thing. Its like saying Machin is the same as A.O.C. Very different ideologies and not even close to the same. cheers,

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